Being yourself?

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Woman in the boudoir looking in a mirror with a machine gun on the dressing table

“Just be yourself. That’s it.” That’s it? That’s much easier said than done. Besides, who’s myself?
Being yourself is not doing only what you want, or I’ll be eating chips in my bed all day long. It is doing a lot of things you don’t like, in order to do the things you really like and to be the person you want to be.
Then who’s the person you really want to be? We might be convincing ourselves that who we are right now are whom we want to be because it’s too hard to change. Or we may want to be a certain type of person because it’s cool, popular, or fancy.
If you are the only survivor in a post-apocalypse scenario and life is secured, what would you be doing? Nobody’s watching you. Nobody will judge you, admire you, hate you, or love you. You might be yourself then.
It’s not easy to be yourself, but it’s even harder to figure out who’s yourself.


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