Business is business

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Girl in a Volkswagen Type 2 food truck throwing a bag of hot dogs to a soldier in a M4 Sherman tank

“Hey! Is that a real type 2?” The soldier yelled to a VW minivan approaching his tank.
“Yes! At least the outside!” Yelled back the girl in the van.
Both of their engines were roaring.
“I didn’t know there are still type 2’s left. I thought the great war had destroyed all the old vehicles.”
“Old? I thought your Sherman tank is older. Isn’t it from the last war?”
“Yeah! You can always find parts to repair it. Who knows how many they’d made during the last war. You’ve got something to eat?” He pointed at the giant hot dog on the top of the van.
“Sure! What do you think I’m here for?”
“Come on! Throw it here!”
“Give me an adjustable wrench!”
“The world ends! Money doesn’t work!”
“I need the wrench!”
“You can always find one! Business is business!”


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