It’s on you

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Sad girl holding an AK rifle on her shoulder

It’s your life, you’ve got to deal with it by yourself.
You may be born in different places, families, or conditions. Somebody is a rich kid, somebody is a poor kid. Somebody is from the first world, somebody is from the third world. Somebody ‘s strong, somebody’s smart, and somebody’s not. Somebody’s life is easy, and somebody’s is hard. Right, this world is not fair, but you can’t choose where you come from.
You could join the game, climb to a higher position, own your business. Or you could change the game, go on a strike, a protest, or a campaign. Or you could accept the facts, grow up, and stop complaining. Or you could do nothing except keep whining like a baby.
This situation won’t change tomorrow. We can keep asking, “what if Bill Gates was born in North Korea?” But that doesn’t change the fact that he was a white boy born in a rich family, and he’s the richest person in the world. Take it or not, your life is on you.


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