Just a chess piece

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Russian woman partisan holding a sniper rifle in the snow

This war has been forever and seems endless.

Winters and summers come and go. Famine fell on the humongous land. Oppressed by two superpowers, people’s lives seem worthless. Killing, torturing, kidnapping, burning. Even you can escape from them, you can’t avoid starving and freezing.

Thus we started resisting. Holding up the guns and weaving through the plains and woods. We shoot and kill the enemies before the wind taking away the sounds of gun fires. We take their stuff, wear their clothes, eat their food, even use their weapons. We stand up for ourselves, fight for ourselves.

I finally tasted a bit of freedom. The freedom of owning myself, of not being controlled by someone else. But that was before I found myself a known hero in our country. I am still just a token, a piece of chess, in the midst the black and while battlefield.


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