Life if suffering

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Girl suffering from war with a tank burning in the background

People are always pursuing happiness, fighting for happiness, and war never stop. They are always suffering. Happiness and suffering are comparative. Don’t pursue happiness, Happiness is just an intangible concept. Happiness doesn’t exist. Instead, just get rid of everything that makes you unhappy. Face the problems and deal with them. If you are starving, go get food. If you are full and still want more, an even better way is not being that greedy. Most of the time we don’t need what we want. We want to own those white elephants just to prove our superiority. “See? I’m more successful, richer, better, and happier than you.” A really happy person doesn’t prove that. We think we are better than others, and we deserve more. We think we can satisfy our limitless desires and finally acquire happiness. That’s why we will never be really happy. That’s why our lives are suffering. A really happy person doesn’t even notice he’s happy. He understands life is suffering and face it, deal with it. That’s it.


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