Opportunity born

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Baby, I’m trying my best. Everybody is trying their best. To survive is hard enough, yet we’re still trying to make this world a better place. You’ll try your best, too. This world is scary, but you don’t run away. Soon I will be no longer reliable to you. I’ll fall. I’ll collapse, but you’ll stand up. Soon you’ll find there’s no one you can rely on. You’ve got to be strong. You rely on yourself, then others may rely on you, too. It’s even more scary, but you don’t run away. Take your responsibility. When we become the past, the duty is on you. Try your best to survive, and if possible, make the world a better place. Someday you’ll become the past, too. But the next generation will take on the duty. There’s always hope. There’s always opportunity. Just like you are our hope. You gave us opportunity.


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