The victor gets nothing

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The victor gets nothing. The award is the combat itself.

Neither victory or loss can exist independently. There must be somebody lose so somebody else can win. You have to compare yourself with other to win or lose. This kind of joy that you acquire from comparison is very temporary. Victory lasts only a blink. Soon you want to compare with other people. After you dominate this level, become the best of those around you, you want to compare with people at a higher level. But can you always win? Even if you became, let’s say the richest person in the world, you still have to worry about being caught up. If you can only acquire happiness from victory, you will never stop worrying.

So just enjoy the combat itself. Fight with your full power, and you will get satisfied. Comparing with others will become irrelevant, since you are the only person who knows whether you are trying hard or just hardly trying. The award for the victor is the combat itself.


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