Wrath of the ocean

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Woman with big waves and war ship and forest and snow

The ocean’s roaring. The fear seizes her again. She holds her coat tight, but when the fear’s haunting, there’s nowhere to hide.
“Since when have I been afraid of the ocean?” She asks herself.

“Nope, it’s not the ocean. The ocean is fine when it’s peaceful and the weather is good. Right, when it’s sunny I’d love to play on the beach. Probably the storm. The storm dyes the ocean dark, stirs the water, and makes monstrous black waves. Like big black walls. I was once lost in a mountain road at night. The enormous dark mountain walls also gave me panic attacks. The nature. Not just the storm or the mountain. It’s the mighty nature that frightens me. It’s being small and negligible that’s scary.”
“But who do I think I am? Human beings are just dusts in the universe. I’m nothing at all.”
It’s weird. Knowing and accepting the fact that she’s a tiny piece in the world seems to calm her. “That’s it.” She seems bigger in the mean while. The fear dispelled.


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